The band was originally called Wednesday After School From 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock, named after the band's only time they could rehearse.

Carl spent part of his youth in the hills of Shandong, learning the ancient art of Fon Pei Ha.

Clint was last seen in the winter of 2011 when he disappeared into the Canadian wilderness on a beaver trapping expedition

Luc is fluent in at most one language.

Ed frequently mixes pop rocks and soda.

New guy Rusty was once arrested for attempting to smuggle illegal model rocket kits across state lines

Luc was an alternate on Season 2 of Skating with the Stars.

Carl cobble shoes on the streets of Venice, often without the owner's permission.

Ed once tubed across the English Channel.

Rusty comes from a long line of teetotaling dirt farmers.

The band first met in the Sweet 16 round of a high school pencil fighting competition.

After each world tour, Ed retires to the English countryside and solves charming mysteries.

Clint won the Pinewood Derby in 1987 only to have his title revoked after his car was found to exceed the official weight limit.

Luc was named "Best Dresser" in his senior high school yearbook.

Carl is 1/117 Cherokee Indian.

Zeus’ Hammer Fun Facts

*original bass player Clint Torres wandered off in the Canadian Wilderness in late 2011 and has not been seen since

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Zeus’ Hammer is the most dangerous sexy comedy metal band in greater North Hollywood area.  We are here to rock your world!


Zeus’ Hammer crawled out of the high-rise gutters of North Hollywood to become the most dangerously sexy band of all time in the universe ever. After a brief hiatus that saw the band split up to the four corners of Earth on various spiritual journeys and/or stints in Shanghai prisons, the Hammer is back to rock your world!